Gracie, the Amazing Anatolian

My name is Clear Creek's Amazing Grace, and I'm an Anatolian Shepard. Never heard of me? That's ok - not too many people around here have. I'm a real beauty as you can see - and still just a baby! I've heard people call me a gentle giant, and a scary girl. I guess it just depends - do you want to pet me, play with me or harm anyone around me? I'm very smart, independant, and goofy all at the same time! I hope I entertain you - we'll see!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Today is my first stab at creating a blog. I'm not sure this site is dog-user-friendly, but Mom says she'll help if I get stuck.

I recently turned 8 months old on July 5th , so I'm a little clumsy with the paws. I can't understand why I have these big things - they don't seem to fit my body, but then again my body seems kind of big for me, too. I'm glad to have this to play with, I need something to keep my mind interested and Mom says the woodwork is off limits from now on.

I hope to meet some of you out there, there aren't too many of us around here, and maybe I can get some of my Anatolian questions answered. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my pictures and get to know me, I'm sure you'll have a few good laughs!


At 1:05 AM, Blogger aliscia said...

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