Gracie, the Amazing Anatolian

My name is Clear Creek's Amazing Grace, and I'm an Anatolian Shepard. Never heard of me? That's ok - not too many people around here have. I'm a real beauty as you can see - and still just a baby! I've heard people call me a gentle giant, and a scary girl. I guess it just depends - do you want to pet me, play with me or harm anyone around me? I'm very smart, independant, and goofy all at the same time! I hope I entertain you - we'll see!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Start of a New Day

Today starts a new day, Mom said. She went to court yesterday because the man who broke in our house was on trial. That's why she adopted me - I'd never let someone hurt my flock! She says I've been doing a great job - my tough girl bark would scare away anyone!

We stayed up late on the front steps, and lots of neighbors came by to congratulate us. The man will have to stay in a crate - hopefully for the rest of his life. I wish they'd let me in with him - he'd be short work for me!

Mom seems more calm now. She said we can move on now. We can stop worrying for her and taking care of her - and she won't be so sad all the time.

I'm excited about this. She can be really fun! In the meantime - I have a new friend Keith who plays with me all the time. He likes me the best - I can tell! He let me stay up with him last night - we got to watch tv together! He takes me for walks, too!

Well, that's all for now - stay cool in this blasted humidity!



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